Providing intelligence, digital manufacturing and design capabilities
We can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions by implementing ERP digitalization, IATF16949 system management, and automated production processes.
Our Manufacturing Services
Focus on chassis welded assemblies, shock-absorbing welded assemblies, chassis stamping, and machining parts.
  • After extensive development, our welding expertise now spans gas shielded, arc, laser welding, and more, seamlessly integrated with automated assembly lines. Rigorous quality control, including UT, RT, MT, PT, ET, and Tensile testing, ensures high capacity, exceptional quality, and safety. Beyond welding, we offer CAE and MOLDING services, with 24-hour quick quotations. Providing superior service for chassis stamping and machining parts is our commitment to you.
Chassis Welding Assembly
With years of experience, Chassis Welded Assemblies is committed to delivering innovative product stability and strength.
Advantages of Our Products
Are you in search of a reliable partner for development and large-scale production? Look no further. We can assist you by providing professional CAE analysis, prototyping, and surveying services.
  • Perfect supply chain system
  • Comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, combining stamping, welding, cold extrusion, forging, and CNC to simplify SKU management for customers.
  • Intelligent manufacturing with automated production for cost reduction and quality assurance.
  • Fast quotations within 24 hours, and quick sample turnaround in 7-10 days.
  • Strategic geographical advantage, situated in Ningbo near Ningbo Zhoushan Port, providing convenient transportation and logistics
  • We participate in the pre-development of your project and support your metal material analysis.
How To Work With Us
01 Sent a 3D File or 2D File to Us
02 Commence Manufacturing Analysis
Within a few hours, we'll send you our processing analysis and quotation.
03 Manufacturing Begins
Upon reviewing our quote and placing your order, we'll initiate the manufacturing process, offering a processing schedule and finishing options.
04 Products are Shipped
Our MEAS manufacturing process allows us to provide you with parts, lot numbers, and a production time as fast as 7 days.
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Company Advantages
Our professional technical team excels in CAE analysis, mold design, CNC, prototyping, and project management.
We embrace intelligent digital integration in our management approach.
Our automotive industry benefits from a flawless quality control and project management system.
With over a decade of experience in the automotive sector, we've served leading auto parts companies, and our products are ultimately used by mainstream carmakers.
We employ streamlined management, ensuring rapid responses and enhanced service efficiency.
Our company promotes sustainable development by utilizing green photovoltaic energy.
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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service

    After years of devepopment, the company's welding technology mainnly includes gas shielded welding, arc welding, laser welding and kinds of welding technologies, combined with automatic assemble lines, through Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing(RT), Magnetic particle Testing(MT) Penetrant Testing(PT), Eddy Current Testing(ET), Pull-off force of testing, to achieve high capacity, high quality and safer welding assemblies, we could supply CAE, MOLDING and 24-hour quick quotation to provide customers with better service for chassis stamping parts and maching parts.
    • Various automotive accessories
    • Over 12 years of experience in mechanical processing
    • Achieve strict precision machining and tolerances
    • Consistency between quality and process
    • Can achieve customized services
    • On time delivery
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