Chassis Welding Parts
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IATF TS16949:2016/Critical to Quality
55 million
Parts finished each month
R&D Engineer
Steel & Aluminum
Welding Process
Gas Shielded Arc Welding
Laser Welding
Metal Machining For Automotive
Project Management Process
Requirement input (drawing. standard technical requirement)
Products planning (CAE analyse,prem-inary planning)
Products design (sample –softmold -DV)
Products design (sample –softmold -DV)
Product validation
Production Advantages
High Precision and Consistency
We utilize state-of-the-art automated welding equipment and technology to ensure the precision and consistency of every weld. Our welding processes minimize human error, guaranteeing high-quality and strong weld joints, suitable for complex designs and demanding projects.
Efficient Production and Quick Turnaround
Automated welding technology significantly enhances production efficiency. Our equipment operates continuously without frequent stops, greatly reducing production cycles. We commit to quick turnaround times, ensuring your projects are completed on schedule.
Versatility in Materials and Processes
We are capable of welding various metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. Whether it's MIG welding or TIG welding, we provide the best welding solutions to meet the needs of different materials and projects.
Stringent Quality Control
Our welding team is AWS certified and adheres to the IATF 16949 Quality Management System. We conduct rigorous quality inspections for every welding project to ensure defect-free welds and deliver high-quality products that meet our clients' stringent requirements.
Production Workshop
Automated Stamping Production Line
CNC Workshop
Heavy-Duty Stamping Press
Laser Cutting
Mold Area
Mould Production Area
Quality Control Laboratory
Welding Workshop
Inspection Personnel

Aifang Hu

Quality Inspector

Huangcan Wang

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Specialist

Lei Wang

Quality Engineer

Shenbo Yang

Director of Production Operations

Shengju Yao

Quality System Engineer

Shuangqin Xu

Quality Inspector

Tianhua Ding

Quality Inspector

Weitian Chen

Incoming Material Inspection Supervisor

Xinming Li

Warehouse Inspector

Xungui Xu

Quality Managers

Yaoping Xue

Outbound Inspector

Zeyuan You

Quality Programme Specialist

Eight Core Processes Only In Pursuit Of Achieving Sub-2000 Dppm Efforts
Standardized,process-oriented refined production standards efforts to provide you with up to 99.8%qualified string of precision parts

DFM evaluation and optimization

Pre-manufacturing feasibility assessment and optimization

Customized operating instructions

Benchmarking,assembly,and inspection criteriadevelopment foridentification of key dimensions

Sample full sizeinspection

For DFM and work instructions standard full-sizeinspection proofing process problems

Project technical sessions

Summarize the proofing problems, close the problerpointsand continuously optimize the productlon process

First inspection inspection

Determine the correctness of the manufacturing process and that the product meets the customer's specifications and process requirements.


Control of special requirements and processesimplementation of CPK>l.33 for key dimensions


Perform according to AQC standards and requirements

Information management

Through precise data monitoring and process optimization, we ensure timely delivery of products.

Processing Capabilities
Processing Capabilities Remark

Maximum Part Size

Maximum coil material width: 600mm
Maximum thickness (T): 6.0mm
Stamping Maximum Part Size The three-in-one feeding machine, paired with a 315-ton punch, imposes a limitation on material thickness, restricting it to within 6.0mm
Stamping Minimum Part Size Minimum width of the coil material is 300mm
Minimum thickness (T): 1.0mm
Stamping Minimum Part Size The 160T punch, equipped with an older-style feeder, requires a material thickness of no less than 1.0mm
Stamped Product Tolerances Punching tolerance:0.05mm
Resistance Welding Strength Pull-off force experiment:25KN
Electrophoresis Film thickness: 15-35um
Salt spray test: 720h without red rust
Dacromet Film thickness: 8um
Salt spray test: 720h without red rust
Galvanization Film thickness: 8-15um
Salt spray test: 240h without red rust
Galvanized nickel Film thickness: 8-15um
Salt spray test: 1500h without red rust
Manufacturing Processes and Materials
Manufacturing Processes and Materials Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Steel Plate

Hot dip galvanized sheet
Electro galvanized sheet
Composite Steel Plate
Color Coated Steel Plate

Aluminum Plate

5052 Stretched Aluminum Plate
6063 Stretched Aluminum Plate
6082 Stretched Aluminum Plate
5754 Stretched Aluminum Plate
5083 Stretched Aluminum Plate

Surface Treatment
Powder Coating
Baking Pain
Copper Plating
Galvanized Nickel Alloy
Spray Painting
Dacromet Coating
Our Manufacturing Services
Focus on chassis welded assemblies, shock-absorbing welded assemblies, chassis stamping, and machining parts.
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How many years of experience do we have in the processing of automotive components? Our products cover suspension,shock absorption, and other systems in automobiles, providing services to global brands

After receiving detailed information(your 2D/3D drawings), we will quote you within 12 hours. If the quote is delayed by some reasons, we will notify you.

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    After years of devepopment, the company's welding technology mainnly includes gas shielded welding, arc welding, laser welding and kinds of welding technologies, combined with automatic assemble lines, through Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing(RT), Magnetic particle Testing(MT) Penetrant Testing(PT), Eddy Current Testing(ET), Pull-off force of testing, to achieve high capacity, high quality and safer welding assemblies, we could supply CAE, MOLDING and 24-hour quick quotation to provide customers with better service for chassis stamping parts and maching parts.
    • Various automotive accessories
    • Over 12 years of experience in mechanical processing
    • Achieve strict precision machining and tolerances
    • Consistency between quality and process
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