Promote management with continuous improvement and seek development with intelligent manufacturing Promote management with continuous improvement and seek development with intelligent manufacturing Promote management with continuous improvement and seek development with intelligent manufacturing.
Data management informatization
  • Production Management
    MES systems facilitate lean production processes.
  • Customer
    MES systems cater to customers' fast delivery requirements.
  • Quality Management
    The MES system provides immediate quality feedback and enables rapid response.
  • Production Progress
    MES systems ensure controllable factory processes.
  • Real Time Management
    MES systems foster transparent enterprise management.
Product Testing
Hardness Test
A hardness test is typically performed by pressing a specifically dimensioned and loaded object (indenter) into the surface of the material you are testing. The hardness is determined by measuring the depth of indenter penetration or by measuring the size of the impression left by an indenter.
Tensile Test
Tensile testing is a destructive test process that provides information about the tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility of the metallic material. It measures the force required to break a composite or plastic specimen and the extent to which the specimen stretches or elongates to that breaking point.
Blue Light Scanning
Blue light scanning is a high-precision dimensional measurement method that scans an object into a three-dimensional model on the basis of which a series of dimensional measurements can be made. It is done by projecting a blue light raster on the surface of the object and using a high precision camera to capture the raster image that produces distortion in order to achieve scanning measurement of the 3D contour of the object surface, which is later processed to obtain a 3D data model of the object.
Roughness Testing
A roughness tester is used to quickly and accurately determine the surface texture or surface roughness of a material. A roughness tester shows the measured roughness depth (Rz) as well as the mean roughness value (Ra) in micrometers or microns (µm).
Salt Spray Test
Salt spray test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.
Image Measuring Instrument
Image measuring instrument is built on the basis of CCD digital image, relying on the computer screen measurement technology and the powerful software capability of spatial geometry operation. The computer becomes the measuring brain with software soul after installing the special control and graphic measuring software, which is the main body of the whole equipment. It can quickly read the displacement values of the optical ruler and instantly produce the desired results through the software module operation built on the basis of spatial geometry; and generate graphics on the screen for the operator to compare the graphs and shadows, thus being able to visually distinguish the possible deviations of the measurement results.
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