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Have you ever pondered the challenges faced in the metal stamping parts industry, especially when dealing with high-strength steel materials boasting yield strengths exceeding 600 MPa? Overcoming rebound issues can indeed be a formidable task! However, we are steadfast in our commitment to finding solutions. This is precisely why we continue to conduct research on the springback phenomenon in stamped parts. Are you curious about the factors influencing the rebound of metal stamping parts for automobiles? Look no further! Our editorial provides insightful information to address your inquiries.

Processing Capabilities

Processing Capabilities Remark
Stamping Maximum Part Size The maximum width of the coil material is 600mm, and the maximum thickness T is 6.0mm Stamping Maximum Part Size The three-in-one feeding machine equipped with a 315 ton punch can only limit the material thickness to within 6.0mm
Stamping Minimum Part Size The Minimum width of the coil material is 300mm, and the Minimum thickness T is 1.0mm Stamping Minimum Part Size The 160T punch is equipped with an old-fashioned feeder, with a material thickness of no less than 1.0mm
Stamped product tolerances 0.05mm (punching tolerance)
Resistance welding strength 25KN (pull-off force experiment)
Electrophoresis Film thickness 15-35um, salt spray test 720h without red rust
Dacromet Film thickness 8um, salt spray test 720h without red rust
Galvanization Film thickness 8-15um, salt spray test 240h without red rust
Galvanized nickel Film thickness 8-15um, salt spray test 1500h without red rust
Manufacturing Processes and Materials
zhangasn Manufacturing Processes and Materials Manufacturing Processes and Materials
Steel Plate
Hot dip galvanized sheet
Electro galvanized sheet
Composite steel plate
Color coated steel plate
Aluminum Plate
5052 stretched aluminum plate
6063 stretched aluminum plate
6082 stretched aluminum plate
5754 stretched aluminum plate
5083 stretched aluminum plate
Product Testing
Hardness Test
A hardness test is typically conducted by applying a specifically dimensioned and loaded object (an indenter) onto the material's surface for testing. Hardness is determined either by measuring the depth of indenter penetration or by assessing the size of the impression left by the indenter.
Tensile Test
Tensile testing is a destructive testing process that yields valuable information about the tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility of metallic materials. It measures the force needed to fracture a composite or plastic specimen and the degree to which the specimen stretches or elongates until reaching that breaking point.
Blue Light Scanning
Blue light scanning is a high-precision dimensional measurement method that creates a three-dimensional model of an object, enabling a series of dimensional measurements. This process involves projecting a blue light grid onto the object's surface and employing a high-precision camera to capture the grid.
Roughness Testing
A roughness tester is employed for the rapid and precise assessment of the surface texture or roughness of a material. This device provides measurements of both the roughness depth (Rz) and the mean roughness value (Ra), expressed in micrometers or microns (μm).
Processing Capacity
How many years of experience do we have in the processing of automotive components? Our products cover suspension, shock absorption, and other systems in automobiles, providing services to global brands
Process Flow
  • Automatic pipe cutting-Numerical control-CNC-Automatic inspection –packing
  • Cold Extrusion forming-Numerical control-CNC-Surface treatment(galvanization, Zinc nickel alloy,heat treatment,cataphoresis,Daromet)-automatic assembly- automatic inspection-packing
  • Laser cutting-stamping-welding(Resistance welding ,Argon Arc Welding)-pressing Rivet- automatic assembly- Surface treatment(galvanization, Zinc nickel alloy,heat treatment,cataphoresis,Daromet)- automatic assembly-automatic inspection-packing
  • Forging-Numerical control-CNC-Surface treatment(galvanization, Zinc nickel alloy,heat treatment,cataphoresis,Daromet)- automatic assembly-automatic inspection-packing
Project Management Process
Requirement input (drawing. standard technical requirement)
Products planning (CAE analyse,prem-inary planning)
Products design (sample –softmold -DV)
Process design (batch production)
Product validation
Details of induced transformation section
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Company Advantages
A professional technical team comprising experts in CAE analysis, mold design, CNC, prototyping, and project management.
Integration of intelligent and digital management mechanisms.
A flawless quality control system and project management system tailored for the automotive industry.
Over a decade of experience in the automotive sector, serving leading auto parts companies, with products ultimately utilized by mainstream automakers.
Streamlined management, rapid response, and enhanced service efficiency.
Our commitment to sustainability includes the implementation of green photovoltaic energy solutions to promote eco-friendly development.
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How many years of experience do we have in the processing of automotive components? Our products cover suspension,shock absorption, and other systems in automobiles, providing services to global brands

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