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Shaoyi’s Stamping Technology: The Choice for Automotive Parts Production

In the automotive manufacturing industry, the stamping process is the core of manufacturing key components such as body, chassis, engine and interior. In the stamping field, stamping single punch die and progressive die are two widely used technologies. Shaoyi has been innovating and applying these two technologies. This blog will delve into the differences between stamping single punch dies and progressive dies, as well as their applications in the production of automotive parts, and Shaoyi’s excellence in this field.

Difference between stamping single punch die and progressive die

Working principle:

Stamping single punch die: stamping single punch die is a traditional stamping process, it uses a single punch to complete the stamping operation of the workpiece at once.

Progressive Die: A progressive die uses multiple, usually consecutive, processes, each of which is accomplished by a different punch or tool.


Stamping single punch dies: suitable for simple geometries, usually used for small series production.

Progressive dies: For complex geometries and multi-step processes, especially for high volume production.

Production efficiency:

Stamping single-stroke dies: lower productivity, since only one stamping operation is performed at a time.

Progressive dies: Higher productivity, since they can perform several processes in a single mold.


Stamping Single Stroke Dies: Higher accuracy, suitable for workpieces requiring a high degree of precision.

Progressive Dies: Can also provide high accuracy, but are subject to cumulative errors between processes.

Tool change:

Stamping single punch dies: tool change is relatively easy and suitable for producing small batches of multiple varieties of workpieces.

Graduated dies: Tool change is relatively complex and suitable for producing large quantities of similar workpieces.

The application of stamping single punch die and progressive die in the production of automobile parts.

Stamping single punch die application:

Body parts: Stamping single punch dies are commonly used to manufacture large flat parts such as door panels, roofs and side panels.

Chassis components: also used to manufacture chassis beams and other parts with simple geometries.

Progressive die applications:

Body parts: Progressive dies are suitable for manufacturing complex body parts such as front and rear bumpers, body frames and roof skeletons.

Engine parts: Parts requiring multi-step processes, such as hoods, exhaust systems and air intakes, are often manufactured using progressive dies.

Interior parts: Complex parts such as seat brackets, instrument panel brackets and door trims are also ideal for progressive die applications.

Shaoyi’s Excellence

Shaoyi has always excelled in the field of stamping single punch dies and progressive dies. Our ability to innovate and customize allows us to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, whether it’s a small batch of high-precision workpieces or a large batch of complex parts.

Our focus on quality control ensures that our products meet our customers’ high quality standards. In addition, we continually invest in new technology and automation to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Future Outlook

As the automotive manufacturing industry continues to grow, stamping technology will continue to play a key role. Shaoyi will continue to innovate in the areas of stamping single punch dies and progressive dies to meet the changing needs of our customers.

We look forward to future opportunities to work with customers in a variety of industries to explore the application of stamping single punch and progressive die technology in different areas. We are committed to providing superior solutions to help our customers achieve high quality, efficient production and success in a competitive marketplace.

If you have any questions or need a customized solution for stamping single punch or progressive die technology, please feel free to contact us. Shaoyi’s team of professionals will be happy to support you in meeting your specific needs. We look forward to working with you to build the future and explore innovative stamping technology applications that will bring more success and progress to the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

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